The Warblers by Birds Canada

Monitoring an icon - the story of the Common Loon in Canada

July 07, 2021 Andres Jiménez and Andrea Gress for Birds Canada Season 1 Episode 2
The Warblers by Birds Canada
Monitoring an icon - the story of the Common Loon in Canada
Show Notes

The iconic Canadian snowbird. Find out surprising facts about our beautiful Common Loons (Gavia immer) and how they are faring in Canada. We speak with Kathy Jones and Kristin Bianchini to explore the fascinating and fragile world of the Common Loon and the role volunteer scientists play in our understanding of their complex lives.

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Kathy Jones (link to full bio: Our Staff | Birds Canada | Oiseaux Canada): Kathy is the Coordinator of Birds Canada’s Canadian Lakes Loon Survey, the Volunteer Manager for Ontario Programs and is based out of Port Rowan, ON.

Kristin Bianchini: Kristin Bianchini has a Ph.D. in Toxicology from the University of Saskatchewan. For the past two years, Kristin worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher with Birds Canada, where she completed the research on Common Loons.

Andrea Gress
studied Renewable Resource Management at the University of Saskatchewan. She pivoted towards birds, after an internship in South Africa. Upon returning, she worked with Piping Plovers in Saskatchewan and now coordinates the Ontario Piping Plover Conservation Program for Birds Canada.  Follow her work at @ontarioplovers

Andrés Jiménez is a Costa Rican wildlife biologist with a keen interest in snakes, frogs, birds and how human relationships are interconnected with the living world. He studied Tropical Biology in Costa Rica and has a Masters in Environmental Problem Solving from York University. He is Birds Canada's Urban Program Coordinator and you can follow him at @andresjimo